To book a presentation at your school, please email your inquiry to: We are happy to answer any questions or provide information via email. If you prefer to talk by phone, please email a request for our phone number.


We will reply to your email or phone inquiry with Brian's current pricing schedule. We don't publish fees online because they vary depending on location of show, number of performances required, etc.

We offer discounts for multiple presentations at the same school, or at two or more schools in the same district when coordinated and booked at the same time.


Afternoon performances are preferable due to several factors:

  • Depending on where Brian is traveling from, rush hour traffic and/or construction can be a problem.
  • Early mornings are a hectic time for most schools; buses and cars dropping students off at the same time a performer is arriving to park, load in, and set up can be difficult.
  • In many cases, afternoon performances do not require the expense of commercial lodging for the evening before (most morning performances will require that the school cover the cost of lodging for the evening before).
  • An afternoon audience is more alert and engaged.

We are happy to accommodate your school's schedule if a morning show is required, as long as the points listed above are reasonably considered and addressed.


Unless other written agreement has been made in advance, payment is due on the date of the performance.


By booking Once Upon A Time In Texas, please understand that Brian is taking himself off the market for other opportunities on the date and time that you have scheduled his performance. He agrees to turn down other opportunities on that date and time in order to fulfill, in good faith, the agreement he has entered into with your school, PTA, PTO, or funding organization. Prior to booking, please make sure you have the official authority and financial responsibility to enter into such an agreement, or have official approval from someone who does.



Brian will arrive approximately 45 minutes before the scheduled performance time to get parked, loaded in, and set up. He will check in at the school office upon arrival, and will need to have someone available at that time to guide him to parking, performance area, etc. Brian provides his own sound system, and will need clear and open access from the parking area to the performance area, as well as a minimum of 30 minutes setup time for the presentation.

  • Let the office and/or receptionist know to expect Brian's arrival 45 minutes before the scheduled performance time.
  • Have someone available to point out parking, performance area, etc.
  • Let other school faculty/personnel know about the performance in advance to avoid conflicts such as other teachers/students needing to use the performance area at the same time (see REQUIREMENTS).
  • Be aware that Brian will be loading in and setting up heavy speakers on stands and other equipment that could pose a safety hazard for students (see REQUIREMENTS).
  • The presentation requires at least one standard grounded 120 volt AC electrical outlet near the performance area. In a gym or other large area where there is not a power supply nearby, please have an extension cable on hand.
  • It is very helpful if there is a small to medium-sized table directly behind the area where Brian will be performing.
  • A bottle of water is always welcome and greatly appreciated.
  • Please have someone provide a brief introduction just before the performance starts.


Brian uses a sound system that provides clear and powerful concert sound in various-sized rooms. For the best concert sound, we recommend the school choose the performance room in the following order of precedence:

  1. Acoustic Auditorium
  2. Cafeteria/Cafetorium
  3. Gym
  4. Library
  5. Outdoors (weather and electricity permitting)


This is the "fine print" stuff - the stuff that should go without saying, rarely needs to be addressed, yet must be said...

The following requirements must be reasonably met in order for a presentation of Once Upon A Time In Texas to proceed at your school. The presentation uses heavy speakers on stands and other audio equipment which could cause injury to unattended students in the performance area. Your students' safety is Brian's first and foremost concern during his visit to your school, therefore:

  • Unattended students will not be allowed in the performance area during setup or disassembly of audio equipment for the presentation.
  • If unattended students are in the performance area during this time, all audio equipment will immediately be disassembled until the students are cleared from the area, and the performance will be postponed until such time as the equipment can be set up without risk to children. Brian Burns will not accept the risk of injury to your students.


  • During the performance, Brian's P.A. system must be the only P.A. system or sound source operating in the performance room. School announcements, construction/custodial equipment, music, or other audio distractions are a rude interruption during a performance. Such interruptions detract from the value and benefit your school receives from an assembly presentation.
  • Rude, disruptive behavior, loud talking, etc. during a presentation should be addressed immediately by school personnel, and any student(s) repeatedly exhibiting such behavior should be removed from the assembly.

If any of the above requirements are not reasonably met before or during a performance, Brian reserves the right to terminate/cancel the performance immediately. Under such condition, the school, PTA, PTO, or funding organization holds responsibility for payment of performance fee in full.